USA BORESCOPES USA Borescopes Unveils Groundbreaking Certified Explosion-Proof Inspection Cameras

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21/11/2023 17:00

The premier provider of industrial borescopes, USA Borescopes, now introduces the P374 - a certified intrinsically safe inspection camera optimized for use in hazardous areas

CLARKSVILLE, TN / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2023 / In a monumental stride towards safe inspections in hazardous environments, USA Borescopes is excited to publicize the revolutionary P374 Intrinsically Safe Inspection Camera. Uniquely crafted to withstand explosive atmospheres, the P374 embodies a blend of class-leading reliability, safety, and advanced technology.

Explosion-Proof Camera

In environments teeming with flammable gases or combustible dusts, using conventional borescopes is not safe. Such environments demand tools that can deliver uncompromised performance while ensuring absolute safety. Offering a viable solution, the P374 stands out as the only certified Zone 0 intrinsically safe inspection camera presently available in the market.

Investing in a hazardous environment borescope like P374 has excellent safety incentives for professionals working in high-risk settings. More so, the device allows remote examination of infrastructure and machinery inaccessible to other inspection cameras - saving both time and cost of disassembly. This certified explosion-proof borescope is an inspection camera of choice for oil and gas inspectors. The P374 promises precise inspections in hazardous environments such as Class I, Division II, and Zone 0. Equipped with a 1" diameter probe and 200 feet of working length, the camera is designed to prevent any adverse interaction with the environment during an inspection. It boasts an array of features, including being impact-proof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof - all integral to handling various challenging inspection conditions.

Over the past years, a significant shift has been noted, with many professionals opting for class 1 division 2 cameras for their turbine inspections over standard borescopes. These portable videoscopes are available in 4mm, 6mm or 8mm diameters. The USA XP series Class I Div II borescopes are certified to perform in explosive environments. These borescope cameras are available in lengths of up to 10 meters with articulation. These borescope cameras offer onboard picture-taking and video recording as well as a rechargeable battery pack.

Committed to adapting to specific inspection requirements, USA Borescopes offers these certified inspection cameras. "The goal is to ensure the safety of equipment, the space, and the operator while facilitating a nondestructive inspection every time," said Jonathan Pokk from USA Borescopes.

The premier provider of industrial borescopes, USA Borescopes offers certified, explosive-safe inspection cameras optimized for use in hazardous areas.

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