TRON DAO TRON DAO at ETH Denver and Host of TRON Builder Tour Denver Stop

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04/03/2024 19:10

Tron DAO
TRON DAO at ETH Denver and Host of TRON Builder Tour Denver Stop

04-March-2024 / 19:10 CET/CEST
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Geneva, Switzerland | March 04, 2024 12:37 PM Eastern Standard Time


Geneva, Switzerland, March 4, 2024 – The TRON DAO team attended ETH Denver, one of the leading events in the blockchain space. In conjunction with this, the TRON Builder Tour (TBT) ETH Denver event unfolded, drawing enthusiasts into the dynamic world of the TRON ecosystem with an event packed with insights, networking, and more.

At ETH Denver in the BUIDL HUB venue, four members of the TRON DAO team attended the ETH Denver event as mentors.The mentors offered support to many developers and entrepreneurs across a wide range of disciplines ranging from technical support, business or ecosystem development, UI/UX design, and more. Mentors led a Skills Lab at the ETH Denver BUIDL Hub on how to use AI to quickly create and deploy smart contracts on BTTC and other EVM networks.The mentoring allowed the TRON DAO to connect closer with the broader blockchain community, giving them an opportunity to learn about what is being built in the web3 space.

Feb 28th, the TRON Builder Tour event at ETH Denver offered a deep dive into TRON's ecosystem, featuring tasty treats and food, educational sessions, and networking opportunities. With nearly 100 attendees, the event brought together blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and students: all celebrating the TRON network. Co-host of the event Arkham Intelligence, a crypto intelligence platform, providing attendees with a unique perspective on digital asset markets and the benefits of the TRON network.

The HackaTRON Season 6 event was also highlighted, which began February 20th. The online hackathon contains a total prize pool of up to $650,000* in Energy support and TRON network’s native utility token, TRX; this hackathon encourages developers to create dApps that can enhance the TRON network's user experience and push the blockchain space forward. Participants are encouraged to apply today on our official DevPost page.

*All prizes are issued in TRX or TRON network Energy, not USD, restrictions applied. All contest rules can be viewed here: https://trons6.devpost.com/rules 

The evening concluded with indoor bar networking, allowing attendees to forge valuable connections within the TRON community.

Through its participation at ETH Denver and the hosting of the TRON Builder Tour event, TRON DAO reinforced its dedication to advancing the blockchain industry.



TRON DAO is a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps.

Founded in September 2017 by H.E. Justin Sun, the TRON network has continued to deliver impressive achievements since MainNet launch in May 2018. July 2018 also marked the ecosystem integration of BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized Web3 services boasting over 100 million monthly active users. The TRON network has gained incredible traction in recent years. As of January 2023, it has over 205.11 million total user accounts on the blockchain, more than 6.96 billion total transactions, and over $20.43 billion in total value locked (TVL), as reported on TRONSCAN.

In addition, TRON hosts the largest circulating supply of USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin across the globe, overtaking USDT on Ethereum since April 2021. The TRON network completed full decentralization in December 2021 and is now a community-governed DAO. Most recently in October 2022, TRON was designated as the national blockchain for the Commonwealth of Dominica, which marks the first time a major public blockchain partnered with a sovereign nation to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. On top of the government’s endorsement to issue Dominica Coin (“DMC”), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote Dominica’s global fanfare, seven existing TRON-based tokens - TRX, BTT, NFT, JST, USDD, USDT, TUSD, have been granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the country.

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