REAL AMERICAN CAPITAL CORPORATION (NASDAQ:RLAB) RLAB: M2MMA Presents a Historic Muay Thai Event at Sinbi Boxing Stadium with Legendary Guests on June 12th in Phuket

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11/06/2024 15:10

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Real American Capital Corp (RLAB), trading as M2MMA, a leading innovator in mixed martial arts promotions and technology integration, is thrilled to announce an extraordinary lineup of special guests for the upcoming fights tomorrow at Sinbi Boxing Stadium, Phuket. The event will occur on June 12th at 8 PM and feature some of the most renowned figures in Muay Thai and martial arts.

M2MMA is honored to welcome Grand Master Woody, a legendary figure in Muay Thai who has made significant contributions to the sport globally. His expertise and dedication have been instrumental in promoting and preserving Muay Thai traditions.

Joining him will be Sagat, famously known as Street Fighter. Sagat's influence extends beyond the ring, captivating fans worldwide with his exceptional skill and iconic presence in martial arts entertainment.

Grandmaster Woody and Sagat have recently joined the M2MMA Advisory Board, bringing their unparalleled knowledge and experience to the organization. Their involvement marks a new chapter in M2MMA's mission to innovate and elevate the martial arts community while respecting its rich heritage.

Additionally, M2MMA is privileged to host Thai legend Seksan, regarded as one of the most dangerous Muay Thai athletes of all time. Seksan's prowess and formidable reputation make him a revered figure in the sport, and his presence at the event promises to inspire and excite fans and fighters alike.

"We are incredibly excited to have these esteemed figures join us for our event at Sinbi Boxing Stadium," said M2MMA Chairman and CEO Jeff Robinson. "Their participation underscores our commitment to honoring the legacy of Muay Thai while advancing the sport through innovation and excellence."

Jade Sirisompan, Managing Director M2MMA Asia, added, "This event is extraordinary for me, professionally and personally. Having my father, Grand Master Woody, and our esteemed guests, Sagat and Seksan, together in one event is a testament to the strength and unity within the Muay Thai community. As I prepare to welcome my baby boy into the world, I am filled with hope and excitement for the future of our sport and the legacy we are building for the next generation."

In addition, Jeff Robinson and Dinar Gaimalov, a Civil Engineering and Data Analytics specialist, dedicated significant time to exploring the deployment of sophisticated software and hardware systems designed to measure and collect real-time data at the stadium. This initiative aims to develop comprehensive protocols for fighters' pre-, post-, and long-term care, with the first implementation of this technology planned for the October/November fights. Leading this cutting-edge AI team, Dinar Gaimalov will assemble a team of data scientists, AI specialists, and physicists from Moscow State University. Their collective expertise will enable the integration of advanced technology, including machine learning algorithms, to monitor fighters' health metrics and analyze performance data. The team will focus on creating a detailed "brain database" to track concussions and other head injuries, applying sophisticated algorithms to predict and mitigate risks. These AI-driven solutions will ultimately enhance safety protocols and improve overall care for athletes, ensuring their well-being in and out of the ring.

This special event is set to be an unforgettable evening. It will celebrate the best of Muay Thai and MMA with thrilling matches and the presence of these martial arts legends. Fans are encouraged to arrive early to experience the entire spectacle and excitement.

M2MMA2 is just around the corner, June 12th, at Sinbi Boxing Stadium, 8 PM, Phuket, Thailand.
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About M2MMA:

M2MMA is a premier mixed martial arts promotions company dedicated to enhancing the sport through innovation and technology. Focusing on fighter safety and audience engagement, M2MMA integrates advanced AI solutions to monitor and analyze performances, ensuring a thrilling and secure experience for all participants. Our proprietary hardware and software technologies are used to develop cutting-edge protocols for fighter safety, providing real-time data analysis and injury prevention strategies.

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