PAYLODE Rater Launches Dating Perks With Paylode to Bring Rewards to Dating App Users

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16/05/2024 11:00

Finally, you can rate your matches' authenticity - and get rewarded for it

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / Rater, the anti-catfishing dating app, today announced a partnership with Paylode, the leading customer perks platform, to deliver "Rater Perks" to users engaged in the Rater community.

Example of Rater perks
Example of Rater perks
Rater Perks give users free gifts when they sign up for the app

If you ever wished you could rush home after a date or interaction and warn others - well, now you can. And with Paylode-powered perks, you'll get rewarded for it.

"We're excited to keep integrating more and more perks into the app to make being real, real rewarding," says Nicole Drew, Founder & CEO of Rater.

Rater uses profile verification and public-facing ratings to make sure that even sophisticated catfishers can't take advantage of unsuspecting swipers.

"Rater was born out of a need to cut the BS, fake profiles and the scams out of online dating," Nicole says. "With Rater, you know you're engaging with real people. And we want to thank our users for always bringing their real selves, with perks."

The strategic partnership is an excellent match between two companies with missions that revolve around empowering consumers. Rater users will gain access to discounts on entertainment, travel, subscriptions, restaurants, and more, thanks to Paylode's huge perks marketplace.

What's more, users will be rewarded for taking actions, for instance, downloading the app or leaving a rating - making the whole dating process a lot less exhausting.

"We're excited to work with consumer advocates like Rater because it aligns with our goal to empower and reward users," said Mikhail Naumov, Founder & CEO of Paylode. "We're honored Rater has chosen us to help offer these benefits to users."

About Rater

Rater is the anti-catfishing dating app where users can validate their profile and rate their matches, promoting transparency and authenticity. Rater is dedicated to safety, being authentic, and preventing dishonesty in today's digital dating world. Learn more at https://raterdownload.com/

About Paylode

Paylode is the leading customer perks platform. We help companies launch and manage robust perks programs without the burden and expense of building one in-house. Paylode vets and negotiates thousands of perks and offers from top consumer brands, and provides easy "build your own" tools to save companies massive amounts of time and overhead. Perks programs increase conversion rates, retention, engagement, and satisfaction, while also unlocking a new revenue stream for your company. Learn more at https://paylode.com/

Contact Information

Nicole Drew
Founder & CEO, Rater

Mikhail Naumov
Founder & CEO, Paylode

SOURCE: Paylode


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16/05/2024 11:00

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