OPTIMA CARE White Plains Center for Nursing Care Recognized by U.S. News With Long-Term Care Award

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21/11/2023 17:15

White Plains-Based Care Center Earns Accolade for Innovative Long-Term Care Program That Puts Patient Needs First

WHITE PLAINS, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2023 / Optima Care, which maintains an ownership interest in a network of independent skilled nursing and rehabilitative care centers across New York and New Jersey, today announced that White Plains Center For Nursing Care, a preferred skilled nursing facility and nursing home, has been recognized by U.S. News for a 2024 Best Nursing Homes: Long-Term Care award.

Best Nursing Home 2024
Best Nursing Home 2024

Nursing homes are long-term care facilities that provide a wide range of services and care to approximately 1.4 million residents in 2023. Families considering placing a loved one in a nursing home consider factors ranging from location to quality services and activities. Each year, U.S. News evaluates more than 15,000 facilities throughout the country, rating most of them in the area of long-term care.

The publication's Long-Term Care rating evaluates a nursing home's ability to care for residents who need ongoing, daily assistance with both health-related care and non-skilled personal care, such as dressing, eating, using the stairs as well as administering needed medical care. It is based on a 5-point scale. Homes must be "High Performing" in long-term care in order to be recognized.

In receiving the U.S. News Best Nursing Home award for Long Term Care, White Plains Center Nursing Care demonstrates excellence in nine quality measures. These measures focus on staffing, medical outcomes, and processes of care such as vaccinations. Other criteria with which U.S. News arrives at their decisions are scientific literature review, discussions with industry experts and statistical modeling.

"This recognition from U.S. News validates the quality, around the clock care we offer our valued long term care patients. We continue to innovate to provide services that best support their needs and values. Our team believes in optimizing safety, independence, and quality of life on an individualized basis," said Eric Mendel, CEO of Optima Care. "The need for long-term care is not an easy decision for families to make. Continuing to enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life is important, and we will continue to prioritize safety, independence, and quality of life for each of our patients."

White Plains Center for Nursing Care is a small, recently-renovated facility, located less than an hour from Manhattan. Their long-term care services include: 24-hour supervision, assistance with daily personal tasks, and community involvement activities. The team takes their responsibility to heart in ensuring patients receive the best possible care and comfort in order to live life forward, to the fullest.

About White Plains Nursing Care

At White Plains Center for Nursing Care, we emphasize great care all within our distinctly homey environment. Our small, recently-renovated facility, conveniently located less than an hour from NYC, offers a full range of subacute services and amenities aimed at giving each and every resident the ability to rest, recover, and live forward. www.whiteplainscare.com

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