MPRESS RECORDS Grace Pettis Releases Soulfully Optimistic Single 'Joy' Ahead of New Album

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10/06/2024 17:30

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2024 / Singer/songwriter Grace Pettis has released an optimistic single "Joy" from her forthcoming album, Down To The Letter (MPress Records). The song showcases Grace's extensive vocal range, resulting in a beautiful delivery of her message. With "Joy" Grace has found a way to be positive after a heartbreaking divorce by appreciating the everyday things that we take for granted. Grace sings: "I got joy in a song I started to sing/Joy in the thought of everyday things//I got joy in the air, in and out of my lungs." "Joy" premiered in Folk N Rock, who wrote: "'Joy" is an amazing track from Grace that provides a sweet sound of solace and is a musical hug for your weary soul."

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Produced by Mary Bragg (Natalie Price), mixed by Jon Estes (Robyn Hitchcock, Dolly Parton), and mastered by John McLaggan of Parachute Mastering (Laynah, Ryan McMahon), the full album Down To The Letter and the single "Joy" contains deeply personal material, chronicling the end of a marriage and the reclamation of self after betrayal, codependency, and loss with heartbreaking detail. The lyrics deftly toe the line between personal pain and universal catharsis. It also marks the second collaboration for Pettis and Bragg.

Grace discusses the song, saying: "'Joy" was a kind of pep talk to myself; a reminder of all the beauty in my life. It can be hard to access gratitude when I'm down. But I try to remember that I'm extremely lucky to be alive and breathing and doing what I was put on the planet to do: to sing, write, and play. I'm not always able to get there, mentally. But when I can, I tap into a powerful fuel source. Sometimes joy is easy. On a beautiful day when the weather is good, or on a holiday, surrounded by loved ones, it's not difficult to feel joyful. On the days that I do my job well and am compensated well, I can tap into a sense of purpose and contentment pretty easily."

Grounded by Pettis' vocals and acoustic guitar along with notable contributions from Bragg on acoustic guitar, Down To The Letter also features Josh Kaler (Francis Cone, Heather Nova) on pedal steel, acoustic, and electric guitars with Owen Biddle and Jordan Perlson on electric bass and drums (respectively). Musician/producer Jon Estes (Robyn Hitchcock, Rodney Crowell) contributed upright bass, cello, piano, and B-3 and Will Hawley added horns to "Joy." With final overdubs at Bragg's own project studio, they were able to achieve both the aching intimacy of ballads such as "Horses" and "Sobering Up," and the other candid tracks like "Rain" and "I Didn't Break This." The record features backing vocals from Robby Hecht and Emily Scott Robinson.

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