LAZY AI Introducing Lazy AI Software Engineer: Revolutionizing Software Development

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21/11/2023 11:00

Gone are the days of intricate development processes and requirements. With Lazy AI, making an app is as simple as a few clicks, just asking for what is needed in the app. Bringing 1B developers into the software economy is finally possible.

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2023 / In a groundbreaking leap towards seamless software development, Lazy AI emerges as the avant-garde solution to simplify the development process and enhance productivity. Using Lazy AI, developers can create AI apps using just natural language, freeing themselves from the complex and time-consuming coding processes usually involved in AI app development.


Effortless Development

Lazy is an AI software engineer on the development team. It sets itself apart with its incredible flexibility using dozens of templates, a user-friendly interface and unparalleled ease of use. Gone are the days of intricate development processes and requirements. With Lazy AI, making an app is as simple as a few clicks, just asking for what is needed in the app.

Key Features:

Intuitive Chat Interface: Lazy AI boasts an intuitive and user-friendly messenger-like interface, making AI app development accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. The natural language processing simplifies the process, putting the power of AI in the hands of every user.

Dozens of Templates: Lazy AI seamlessly creates apps for popular business applications and development platforms. Whether you're using a certain programming language framework, PM tools, CRM, e-commerce or other platforms, Lazy AI effortlessly connects the dots using pre-created templates for each task you can imagine.

Customizable Workflows: Tailor Lazy AI to fit your unique needs easily. The platform allows users to create customizable templates, which automate specific steps of a process or handling entire tasks from start to finish. The flexibility ensures Lazy AI adapts to the diverse demands of modern businesses.

"Lazy AI has been a game-changer for our own team. When ChatGPT happened, we created an internal system that drastically sped up our development project completion times. The solution was groundbreaking, reducing project durations from two months to just two days. We could achieve this impressive feat without relying on our engineering team entirely." - says Peter Szalontay, CEO at Lazy AI.


Lazy AI is available as a beta, allowing users to experience the power of effortless AI-based development firsthand.

Contact Information

Peter Szalontay
+1 310-866-7412

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