HYPERSCIENCES HyperSciences to Present at Integrous Big Hearts, Big Ideas Virtual Investor Conference on February 13 - 15, 2024

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12/02/2024 14:00

SPOKANE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2024 / HyperSciences, a pioneering developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge hypersonic acceleration boring technologies working to transform the mining and tunneling sectors by offering a potentially groundbreaking alternative to conventional drill & blast and tunneling-boring methods, has earned an exclusive invitation to showcase its groundbreaking work at the Integrous Communications Big Hearts, Big Ideas Virtual Investor Conference, which is being held virtually on February 13-15, 2024.

Mark Russell, HyperSciences' President & CEO is scheduled to present on Tuesday, February 13, 2024 (2:30 PM EST / 11:30 PM PST).

The presentation will be webcast live and available for replay via the following link: https://www.webcaster4.com/Webcast/Page/3017/49864

Management will also be available for one-on-one meetings to be held throughout the conference and can be requested through the conference site.

To register for the event, Investors can go to the conference link: Big Hearts, Big Ideas Growth Virtual Conference

About HyperSciences

Established in 2014, HyperSciences is a pioneer in cutting-edge hypersonic acceleration technologies working to transform the mining and tunneling sectors, offering a potentially groundbreaking alternative to conventional drill and blast as well as tunneling-boring methods. HyperSciences has offered securities under Regulation D, Regulation Crowdfunding and Tier II of Regulation A and is subject to ongoing reporting obligations. You can access these reports and other securities filings on EDGAR. For more information, please visit www.hypersciences.com.

About the Integrous Big Hearts, Big Ideas Growth Conference

Welcome to the 2024 Integrous Big Hearts, Big Ideas Growth Virtual Conference, where the nexus of innovation, big investment ideas and charitable giving all converge in a dynamic digital space.

The focus of this conference is to present smaller market cap companies that we believe are poised to be much bigger due to innovation, positioning, and increased visibility.

At the same time, we want to demonstrate compassion and realize that while we can pursue profits in our portfolios, giving back pays dividends in ways that benefit humanity and society. We truly believe that the two do go hand in hand.

Step into the future with us at the 2024 Integrous Big Hearts, Big Ideas Growth Conference, an unparalleled gathering where the pulse of innovation harmonizes with the rhythm of investment and charitable giving on a virtual platform.

Our carefully curated agenda features thought leaders, industry pioneers, and visionaries who will share insights on the latest trends, disruptive technologies, and emerging market dynamics that are shaping the future.

The conference will consist of company presentations (Public, and a select few Private), 1x1's, as well as presentations from some selected charities that we would like to highlight.

As we navigate the intersection of innovation, investment and giving, the conference aims to spark opportunities for growth. Join us in this digital format where ideas take flight, investments find purpose, and the future unfolds in real-time.

Welcome to a revolution in connectivity, where the 2024 Integrous Big Hearts, Big Ideas Growth Conference sets the stage for a new era of investment, inspiration, and progress.

Investor Contact
Rich Matthews
Managing Partner
Integrous Communications
Mobile: +1 604-355-7179

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