HF SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Health Focus Announces New Client: MyMichigan Health Network

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02/04/2024 17:00

ANN ARBOR, MI / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2024 / HF Software Solutions is excited to welcome MyMichigan Health Network, a new client, to our population health platform, HealthFocus.

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MyMichigan Health Network is a partnership of health providers, services, and facilities in the heart of Michigan, serving more than 980,000 residents across 25 counties. MyMichigan Health Network was created in 1993 to connect people to quality health care. The word "network" in their name describes their goal to make the connections needed to make health care work - and work well - for employers and employees here in Michigan. https://www.mymichigan.org/about/our-affiliates/HealthNetwork

"We are very excited for our new relationship with Health Focus. The platform will not only allow us to simplify processes for our network providers but also provides opportunity to expand on the high-quality care they already deliver to patients in our regions." - Ashleigh Palmer, President, MyMichigan Health Network

Health Focus will provide the technological capabilities to achieve high-performance outcomes by collecting, consolidating, and analyzing data from diverse settings into a single platform. This data aggregation simplifies the identification of care gaps and opportunities to reduce the cost of care and highlights population health measures. Our robust data analytics and real-time reporting provide the clinical insights needed to succeed in value-based care.

"MyMichigan is an ideal client for HealthFocus because our registry is designed to support the effective care of large patient populations. As we grow and continue to partner with organizations across the state, we have a tremendous opportunity to impact healthcare outcomes in our communities for patients, providers, and networks." - James Morris, CEO

Health Focus is a purpose-built solution to population health management designed to support physician and physician-hospital organizations focused on value-based care. The platform's benefits include improving outcomes for patients, providers, and networks, maximizing incentive opportunities, and reducing burnout by automating processes.

Health Focus was specifically designed by and for Physician Organizations (POs). The company is dedicated to understanding the practical needs of POs and takes pride in maintaining exceptionally high customer satisfaction. It serves PO clients of all sizes in Michigan and California.

To learn more about Health Focus, visit our website, healthfocus.io.

To learn more about the organizations we serve, visit https://healthfocus.io/our-clients.

James Morris, CEO

Contact Information

Emily Morris
Marketing and Operations

James Malayang
Customer Success Manager

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02/04/2024 17:00
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