FRAGRANCE CREATORS ASSOCIATION Dr. Robert M. Weinstein, Ph.D., to be Honored with 2024 Bruell Award at Fragrance Creators' Annual Spring Dinner

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15/05/2024 18:45

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2024 / Fragrance Creators Association (Fragrance Creators) will proudly award Dr. Robert M. Weinstein, Ph.D., the 2024 Eric Bruell Distinguished Service Award tonight at its Annual Spring Dinner, hosted this year at Westmount Country Club in Woodland Park, New Jersey.

With a distinguished career spanning four decades, Dr. Weinstein has been a pivotal figure in the flavor and fragrance industry. Since starting his journey in 1983, his work has largely focused on the synthesis of flavor and fragrance materials. Ascending through various leadership roles, Dr. Weinstein was appointed President & CEO of Robertet North America in September 2012. Throughout his extensive career, he has consistently championed industry leadership and scientific rigor, serving on the boards of the Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM) and Fragrance Creators, and holding chair positions for both.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Weinstein's dedication extends to community service. He is an active board member of Footnotesafterschool.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing affordable tutoring and group classes to students across New York City, New Jersey, and the Hudson Valley.

Cynthia Reichard, Co-Chair of the Fragrance Creators Board of Directors and Executive Vice President at Arylessence, Inc., commended Dr. Weinstein's leadership, stating, "Bob exemplifies leading by example. His passion for science, his commitment to strengthening the industry, and his contributions to student education have left an indelible mark on our field."

Since 1991, Fragrance Creators' Spring Dinner has been a cornerstone event for honoring individuals who have significantly advanced the industry. This year, Dr. Weinstein's unyielding commitment to ethical leadership and scientific integrity has rightfully earned him the Bruell Award.

Farah K. Ahmed, President & CEO of Fragrance Creators, praised Dr. Weinstein's influence, noting, "Bob's unwavering dedication to science and ethical leadership, as well as his proactive approach to challenges make him an exemplary Bruell Award recipient. His integrity has profoundly shaped the values of our association and guided the fragrance industry toward a more responsible and prosperous future."


About Fragrance Creators: Fragrance Creators Association is the trade association representing the majority of fragrance manufacturing in North America. We also represent fragrance-related interests along the value chain. Fragrance Creators' member companies are diverse, including large, medium, and small-sized companies that create, manufacture, and use fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design, fine fragrance, and industrial and institutional products, as well as those that supply fragrance ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials that are used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. Fragrance Creators established and administers the Congressional Fragrance Caucus, ensuring ongoing dialogue with members of Congress and staff. Fragrance Creators also produces The Fragrance Conservatory, the comprehensive digital resource for high-quality information about fragrance - www.fragranceconservatory.com. Learn more about Fragrance Creators at fragrancecreators.org - for people, perfume, and the planet.

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