FRAGRANCE CREATORS ASSOCIATION Fragrance Creators Association: Leading Through Impermanence to Shape the Future of Fragrance

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21/03/2024 19:45

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2024 / Honoring National Fragrance Day, Fragrance Creators Association (FCA) celebrates the wisdom gained and impacts delivered in 2023, likening its journey to the resilient dandelion, symbolizing the cycles of life and the opportunities for renewal.

In the report's introduction, President & CEO, Farah K. Ahmed, wrote, "[t]he dandelion, from bloom to a cloud of seeds, embodies the essence of impermanence, teaching us to embrace change with courage and confidence. In 2023, we navigated through shifting landscapes with ingenuity and determination, carrying seeds of progress that will blossom into the legacy of our association and industry."

Key Highlights of FCA's 2023 Achievements:

Pioneering EPA Approvals of Newer, Greener Fragrance Chemistries: FCA engaged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to advance an approval pathway for newer, greener fragrance chemistries within the New Chemicals Program, pioneering a template for the fragrance as well as the wider chemical sectors.

Championing Responsible Industry Stewardship: FCA redefined its mission with the Fragrance Creators Responsible Industry Stewardship Pledge, designed to advance a diverse marketplace while nurturing consumer and worker well-being and environmental harmony.

Shaping the Policy Landscape: FCA's advocacy efforts influenced Congress on modernized cosmetic regulations and set the stage with the FDA to advance digital labeling of fragrance allergens. Engagements with various governmental bodies and meticulous state monitoring led to more scientifically grounded policies and regulatory frameworks that are more conducive to consumer education and bringing greener innovation to market.

Harnessed Data-Driven Foresights and Custom Compliance Tools: Integration of the Fragrance Creators Policy Foresights Program and members-only compliance tools enhanced advocacy and operational efficiency with actionable predictive intelligence, fostering proactive approaches and proficiency while saving significant time and costs for both members and the association.

Advancing Consumer Education and Understanding: The expanded Fragrance Conservatory - the association's award-winning website - now offers an extensive array of ingredient profiles, promoting mindful and creative learning and fostering trust through science-based fragrance information dissemination.

"2023 brought unprecedented activity and unprecedented ingenuity and adaptability," remarked Dr. Robert Weinstein, Ph.D., Co-Chair of the FCA Board of Directors and President & CEO of Robertet USA. "FCA rose to the occasion, delivering for business with vigor, integrity, and scientific expertise. The association's monitoring, rapid analysis, and customized compliance tools deliver meaningful value to the membership, saving all of us significant time and cost."

Cynthia Reichard, Co-Chair of the FCA Board of Directors and Executive Vice President of Arylessence, noted, "FCA's focus on the needs of its entire membership and proactive approach positions us as industry trailblazers. Our modern approach to advocacy, data foresights, and ability to educate agency scientists have set the bar for the chemical sector."

Looking ahead, Ahmed expressed optimism: "In 2024, we are poised to accelerate innovation pathways, consumer education, and harness our technology for more powerful insights to see what's coming around the corner sooner and with greater accuracy. I extend heartfelt appreciation to our diverse membership for their steadfast leadership and commitment to delivering good for people, perfume, and the planet."

For more information and access to the full report, visit: https://www.fragrancecreators.org/fragrance-creators-2023-impact-report


Fragrance Creators Association is the trade association representing the majority of fragrance manufacturing in North America. We also represent fragrance-related interests along the value chain. Fragrance Creators' member companies are diverse, including large, medium, and small-sized companies that create, manufacture, and use fragrances and scents for home care, personal care, home design, fine fragrance, and industrial and institutional products, as well as those that supply fragrance ingredients, including natural extracts and other raw materials that are used in perfumery and fragrance mixtures. Fragrance Creators established and administers the Congressional Fragrance Caucus, ensuring ongoing dialogue with members of Congress and staff. Fragrance Creators also produces The Fragrance Conservatory, the comprehensive digital resource for high-quality information about fragrance - www.fragranceconservatory.com. Learn more about Fragrance Creators at fragrancecreators.org - for people, perfume, and the planet.

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