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11/06/2024 14:00

Intelligent Media & Design releases last update to Anointed Bible Game Demo. Sets goal for final release at the end of 2025.

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / June 11, 2024 / Non-profit Bible video game publisher Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive) recently announced an update of the free demo to its first title, The Anointed, is available on Steam.

The update includes migrating The Anointed to Unreal Engine 5.3, controller support, Steam Deck compatibility and enhanced gameplay.

The demo, David Saves Keilah, is a smaller version of The Anointed: Heart of David, which follows the life of biblical hero David from shepherd to king of Judah.

IMD Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Drayton Cosby stated that IMD continues to push forward with development and distribution efforts and will not stop until it's completed.

"We continue to prioritize gameplay so the players, parents and churches we seek to serve can see this miracle is real," said Cosby. "We fight every day to point the people we love to the Word of God because finding Jesus Christ can change their life."

IMD Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Head of Interactive Carlo Romano said that while some indie studios focus on beautiful cutscenes at the beginning of development, IMD has chosen to improve the gameplay first.

"We still have a lot of work ahead, but we are showing the world that a small Bible game studio is not giving up on its dream," said Romano. "We keep pressing forward because the Bible stories are too important not to tell."

IMD Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Matt Clark said that by offering The Anointed in Unreal Engine 5.3, the development team will deliver higher-quality content to players.

"Taking The Anointed from Unreal 4.27 to 5.3 was necessary for the future of Anointed Games," said Clark. "In addition to having better rendering, worldbuilding, animation and modeling, we believe it's important to enhance technology to tell the story through Heart of David and future projects."

IMD Director of Ministry Rev. David Ely stated he was looking forward to providing full controller support and utilizing Steam Decks for ministry and outreach.

"We are excited to make the game accessible to people who prefer using controllers," said Ely." We continue to see partnerships in ministry grow and having controller support with Steam Deck compatibility allows us to take King David's story to harder-to-reach places.

David Saves Keilah is currently installed on more than 40,000 personal computers (PCs) in over 130 countries. David Saves Keilah continues to be added to players' PCs daily and has seen widespread success with a relatively small marketing budget.

IMD Interactive publishes video games and technology to shift attention from traditional media to Bible-based games and content.

To access the DSK store page, players must be 13 or older. Visit IMD's YouTube videos and FAQs for more information and you may donate or subscribe by visiting imdinteractive.org.

To access the demo, visit The Anointed: DSK.


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Drayton Cosby

SOURCE: Foundation for Intelligent Media & Design (IMD Interactive)


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11/06/2024 14:00

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