DFI INC. DFI Wins Corporate Excellence Award at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards for the First Time

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18/09/2023 16:00

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Continuing its Efforts Toward Corporate Sustainability

TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 18 September 2023 - The 2023 Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) hosted by Enterprise Asia recently held its awards ceremony. DFI, the global leader in embedded motherboards and industrial computers, was highly recognized by judges for its outstanding performance in aspects such as corporate sustainability and talent development. It stood out among 200 nominees to win the Corporate Excellence Award.


The APEA, the most prestigious indicator of business influence in Asia-Pacific region, used "Capturing Opportunities in a Resurgent Asia" as its theme for 2023 to commend business leaders and enterprises that have seized business opportunities during the economic recovery and demonstrated excellence and perseverance in business development while at the same time not forgetting to fulfill social responsibilities.

Enterprise Asia Chairman Dr. Fong Chan Onn pointed out in his speech that technology, manufacturing, and R&D are competitive advantages that Taiwanese business leaders can fully leverage. Therefore, he encourages Taiwan companies to seize the opportunity of economic recovery in the Asia-Pacific region.

DFI's President Alexander Su expressed, "Our achievements are attributed to the dedication and efforts of our colleagues, the trust of our customers, and the support of our investors. Externally, DFI researches and develops products and technologies to help companies that value environmental responsibility lower their operating costs and improve energy efficiency. Internally, we provide talent sustainability plans, comprehensive employee training, flexible working hours, and Employee Stock Ownership Trust."

DFI is committed to optimizing management and operations in all major aspects, including business growth, value creation, talent cultivation, corporate social responsibility activities, and workplace innovation. DFI not only won the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Reports Award, but also won the Taiwan Sustainability Action Gold Award by using their own technology to assist rural transportation.

Impacted by the wave of new infrastructure brought upon by production automation, energy-saving and low-consumption trends, and digital transformation, DFI will gradually achieve the goal of green operations. By continuing to pursue innovation and excellence through the three major operating strategies of "smart factory", "AIoT product line" and "flexible and stable supply chain layout", DFI looks forward to becoming the best partner for the intelligent transformation of enterprise OT and creating the greatest value for customers.

For more information, please visit: https://www.dfi.com/, LinkedIn or contact us.
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