CRUXOCM Emissions Reduction Alberta Invests in CruxOCM's Innovative Energy Solutions to Advance Sustainability and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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02/04/2024 18:00

CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2024 / Crux Operations Control Management Limited (CruxOCM), a pioneer in autonomous operations control management software for the energy sector, announced today a significant investment from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA). This investment from the Government of Alberta's Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Fund, signifies a pivotal moment in advancing CruxOCM's transformative solutions to drive sustainability and efficiency across the industry.

Aligned with ERA's commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in Alberta's energy sector, this funding empowers CruxOCM to further enhance its cutting-edge software through the creation of two software solutions that will autonomously adjust oil and gas pipeline operations to optimize energy usage. The investment highlights a shared vision to revolutionize the industry's control rooms and optimize efficiency across pipeline operations.

"We are excited to receive this investment from Emissions Reduction Alberta, which will propel our efforts to innovate and catalyze positive change within the energy sector," remarked Adam Marsden, Chief Revenue Officer at CruxOCM. "With support from the Government of Alberta and ERA funding, our pipeBOT™ technology enhancements provide significant improvement in enhancing efficiency, reducing emissions, and contributes to a long-term impact on the planet and sustainability for Alberta and Canada" said Chief Executive Officer, Vicki Knott at CruxOCM.

CruxOCM's groundbreaking RIPA™ software platform delivers unparalleled execution of control room operations, streamlining critical processes and optimizing flow rates to bolster operational efficiency and reduce environmental impact. With ERA's backing, CruxOCM is prepared to further elevate its technology, empowering clients to navigate operational challenges and maximize sustainability. As CruxOCM continues its expansion, it remains steadfast in nurturing a culture of innovation, trust, and collaboration. The investment from ERA will accelerate CruxOCM's growth trajectory, driving significant progress towards a more sustainable future for the energy sector.

For more information about CruxOCM and its solutions, please visit www.cruxocm.com.

About CruxOCM

Our mission is to empower control room operators; to supplement the important work they do with the automated tools of the future designed to increase efficiency and safety, and in turn, revolutionize the industrial automation and control room landscape through Robotic Industrial Process Automation (RIPA™). CruxOCM was created to provide control room operators with the best tools for safe and efficient operations, while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing revenue. Inspired by our founders' experiences in control rooms and process control, we developed software similar to autopilot for pilots. Our team comprises industry experts in engineering, control room operations, advanced process control, and technology, including energy industry veterans. With our core values as our guide, we look forward to intelligently and creatively tackling future challenges.


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