BRIX FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING CORP. BRiX Announces New President James Fellus and Expands Its Mission to Democratize Real Estate Investing

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16/05/2024 14:00

Fractional Real Estate Investing Continues To Gain Momentum At BRiX

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / BRiX, a pioneering real estate investment platform, is thrilled to announce the appointment of James Fellus as its new President. With over two decades of experience in the financial services industry, James brings a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record to BRiX's leadership team.

BRIX Fractional Real Estate Investing
BRIX Fractional Real Estate Investing
BRIX offers fractional real estate investing to allow people to buy parts of properties.

"James's arrival marks a transformative phase for BRiX. His profound expertise and strategic insights in capital markets will drive our mission forward to make real estate investing accessible and beneficial for everyone," said Julio Caceres, CEO of BRiX. "His leadership is not just a gain for our team but a victory for our entire community of investors who stand to benefit immensely from his visionary approach to fractional real estate investing."

James Fellus has a distinguished and extensive career across various high-level roles in the financial sector. His deep expertise will be crucial for enhancing BRiX's platform, which aims to make real estate investment more streamlined, efficient, and transparent.

"We are excited to harness James's extensive background to enhance our platform's capabilities, which will undoubtedly empower our investors and contribute to the democratization of real estate investments," said Rob Cullen, COO of BRiX.

**About BRiX:**

BRiX is a groundbreaking real estate investment platform designed to democratize the process of property investment. By leveraging advanced technology, BRiX offers users an accessible, transparent, and efficient way to invest in real estate, making it possible for investors of all sizes to participate in property markets. BRiX aims to empower individuals and communities by providing opportunities to invest in real estate, thereby fostering financial growth and stability.

"Real estate investment should be a viable option for anyone looking to build wealth," commented James Fellus. "I am thrilled to join BRiX and work alongside a team that is equally passionate about removing barriers in the investment landscape. Together, we will change the way people think about and engage with real estate investments."

For further information, please contact: robert@realtybrix.com

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Robert Cullen

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BRIX Fractional Real Estate Investing
BRIX Fractional Real Estate Investing
BRIX offers fractional real estate investing to allow people to buy parts of properties.
BRiX Team Members
BRiX Team Members
Left to right: Julio Caceres (Founder/CEO), Odette Fellus, James Fellus (President), Rob Cullen (Co-Founder/COO), Lorenzo Addatiello (BRiX seed Investor)



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16/05/2024 14:00

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