BLACKLYTE BLACKLYTE Provides Official Gaming Chair and Desk at Toronto Ultra Major III

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16/05/2024 15:00

Levelling Up the Competition Experience Through Best-in-Class Gaming Furniture

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2024 / BLACKLYTE, an innovative entertainment brand based in Canada that creates world-class furniture, lighting and accessories for gamers, is thrilled to announce its support of the Toronto Ultra Major III tournament, happening May 16-19, 2024, at Mattamy Garden in Toronto. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in BLACKLYTE's commitment to elevating the esports landscape and empowering gamers worldwide.


BLACKLYTE is a longstanding partner of OverActive Media and the Toronto Ultra. The partnership represents a dynamic synergy between two industry pioneers, united in their pursuit of advancing esports innovation and player development. Through this collaboration, BLACKLYTE aims to redefine the standards of competitive gaming excellence while providing unparalleled support to aspiring esports athletes.

"At BLACKLYTE, we are dedicated to cultivating a community where gamers can thrive and excel," said Alex Liu, founder and CEO at BLACKLYTE. "Our partnership at the Toronto Ultra Major III Tournament underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering gamers and fostering a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and excellence within the esports ecosystem."

As part of this collaboration, BLACKLYTE will leverage its expertise in player experience, interactive and innovative design, and the fan experience to provide competitors with the ultimate gaming furniture to ensure a best-in-tournament experience.

The Toronto Ultra Major III Tournament represents a pivotal moment for BLACKLYTE and its partners as they come together to celebrate the spirit of competition and showcase the immense talent within the esports community. Through this partnership, BLACKLYTE reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change and innovation within the esports industry.

For more information about BLACKLYTE and its initiatives, please visit goblacklyte.com.


Established in 2022, with a global presence through two offices, Blacklyte stands as a pioneering entertainment company at the forefront of innovative technology. Recognizing the diversity of individual preferences and desires, we are dedicated to meeting those unique needs. Our commitment is reflected in the development of cutting-edge features and a comprehensive smart control system, empowering users to personalize their entertainment experiences according to their distinct tastes. Blacklyte holds a significant presence in the e-sports, intelligent lighting, and trendy peripherals industries. Blacklyte operates under its parent company, Arcus Home, established in 2001 with a focus on home decor. For further details, please visit our website at goblacklyte.com.

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16/05/2024 15:00

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