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Paris, June 10, 2024 - Ateme (ISIN: FR0011992700) announces that Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Fabrice Sana, will leave the Group having decided to pursue new professional endeavors. The Company will announce Fabrice Sana's successor as CFO and member of the Corporate Leadership team in early September 2024.

Parallel to this, Ateme has appointed Sébastien Brachet as Chief Operations Officer (COO). Sébastien succeeds Joseph Soueidi who has held the position since 2009.

Sébastien Brachet brings over 23 years of IT experience, with a focus on software. He has held various international management roles, including Managing Director, Head of Operations, Business Development Manager, and Purchasing Director. He spent a significant portion of his career at Bull, then at Atos since 2015. At Atos, Sébastien served as Head of Operations - Big Data (2015-2017) and Managing Director of Evidian (2017-2021), an Atos subsidiary specializing in cybersecurity software and Identity and Access Management solutions, where he secured major contracts with Tier 1 operators globally. Before joining Ateme in 2021, Sébastien was Chief Operating Officer for Red-on-line, a SaaS software developer specializing in HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) compliance and risk management.


Michel Artières, Ateme President and CEO, commented:

“I would like to warmly thank Fabrice Sana for his significant contributions to Ateme over the past 17 years. Fabrice has greatly contributed to the structuring and development of Ateme, notably marked by the successful IPO 10 years ago, surpassing €100 million in revenue in 2023, and the strategic acquisition of Anevia. In September, we will welcome a new Chief Financial Officer with experience in publicly traded companies and the tech sector, as we focus on growing our revenue, particularly MRR, and improving our operational profitability.
I would also like to express my gratitude to Joseph Soueidi, who has greatly contributed to Ateme's development during his 15 years as Head of Operations. His successor, Sébastien Brachet, brings us over 20 years of experience in various operational roles, particularly at Bull and Atos. With a highly international profile and a wide range of expertise, Sébastien will help Ateme tackle the many challenges in the coming years!”


Next events:

June 12, 2024: Annual Shareholder's Meeting

July 11, 2024: 2024 Second Quarter Revenues


About Ateme
Ateme is a global leader of video compression and delivery solutions helping Tier-1 Content Providers, Service Providers and Streaming Platforms to boost their viewership and subscription engagement.
Leveraging a unique R&D task force in the video industry, Ateme's solutions power green sustainable TV services, improve end-users' quality of experience, optimize the total cost of ownership of TV/VOD services and generate new revenue streams based on personalization and ad insertion. Beyond the technology agility, Ateme's value proposition is to partner with his customers by offering a great flexibility in the engagement and business models matching their financial priorities. A consequence is a rapid shift to Recurring Revenues, boosting the company resilience and creating long term value for the shareholders.
Founded in 1991, Ateme has 580 employees spread over its headquarters in France and 20 offices around the world including the USA, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Spain, Germany, the UAE, Singapore, China, Korea, and Australia.
Ateme has been listed on the Paris Euronext market since 2014 and in November 2020 it made the acquisition of Anevia, a provider of OTT and IPTV software solutions. In 2023, Ateme served close to 1,000 customers worldwide with revenues of €100 million, of which more than 90% outside its home market.
Find out more: www.ateme.com.

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