ADVENTURER MANUFACTURING Scout Campers Takes Compact Camping to New Heights as It Unveils Revolutionary New Pop-Up Camper

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10/06/2024 15:00

YAKIMA, WA / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2024 / An Adventurer Manufacturing brand, Scout Campers is excited to announce the launch of its first pop-up model, designed to provide a compact yet immersive and adventurous camping experience. The Yoho Pop-Up model is a perfect match for select midsize and full-size truck owners. Harnessing Scout's proven quality, innovative design, dedication to modular, self-sustaining systems, and customizability, the Yoho Pop-Up promises an unmatched connection with nature.

Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up
Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up

Camp Simple, Camp Easy

Scout Campers is focused on ensuring setup is seamless and easy. This was achieved through the design and development of its patent-pending Easy Rise lift system that allows the ability to deploy and stow the roof within one position in the camper. This new system eliminates the strenuous process with an ingenious design that utilizes mechanical advantage without the need to go to a power lift system that can add complexities of added cost, weight, and needing power or tools to operate.

Built for Performance

The one-piece monocoque composite roof is another first for Scout. Leveraging this process, which is commonly used in marine manufacturing, allowed Scout Campers to maintain the distinguished design profiles as the Hard Wall models, increase the door height, and improve performance. The one-piece contoured roof sheds water with ease and features a marine-grade finish for superior durability and strength. This robust, lightweight design enhances durability and weather resistance, crucial for extended outdoor use. Partnering with GFC for the soft wall design, the Scout's pop-up line is crafted to be breathable as well as water- and UV-resistant, with large 360-degree panorama windows that seamlessly blend the user's experience with nature.

Eco- and Ergo-Friendly Interiors

Inside, the Scout's pop-up model features recycled paper cabinets that are durable, resin-reinforced, water-resistant, and eco-friendly. The expansive galley includes more counter space, a convertible lounge seating four adults, and ample storage. Starting at $27,900, the Scout Yoho Pop-Up Camper is available for pre-order now. Step into a new era of exploration and discover how quality and sustainability can guide your next adventure.

Contact Information

Elly Pimentel
Communications Manager
(253) 363-9476

Lewis Abercrombie
Director of Marketing
(425) 906-2797

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Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up
Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up
Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up
Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up
Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up Deployed
Scout Campers | Yoho Pop-up Deployed

SOURCE: Adventurer Manufacturing


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10/06/2024 15:00

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